Understanding Vision Launch V1’s Tiered Staking System: Maximizing Your Rewards

3 min readJun 11, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the launch of Vision Launch V1, a revolutionary platform designed to offer exceptional investment opportunities and unparalleled staking rewards. To ensure our community reaps the maximum benefits, we have implemented a tiered staking system. This system caters to various levels of investment, providing tailored benefits and rewards for all our users.

The Four Tiers of Vision Launch

1. Bronze Tier

  • Minimum Stake Required: 10,000 NFE
  • Weight: 1

The Bronze Tier is perfect for beginners or those who wish to start small. With a minimum stake of just 10,000 NFE, participants can begin their journey into the world of staking. The weight of 1 ensures that even the smallest contributions are valued and rewarded.

2. Silver Tier

  • Minimum Stake Required: 30,000 NFE
  • Weight: 3

For those ready to take a step further, the Silver Tier offers enhanced benefits. With a minimum stake of 30,000 NFE, participants receive a weight of 3. This means their staking rewards will be significantly higher compared to the Bronze Tier, offering a more lucrative opportunity for mid-level investors.

3. Gold Tier

  • Minimum Stake Required: 70,000 NFE
  • Weight: 7

The Gold Tier is designed for serious investors looking to maximize their returns. A minimum stake of 70,000 NFE provides a substantial weight of 7. This tier not only amplifies the rewards but also positions investors to take full advantage of the high APR rates available during this limited-time offer.

4. Platinum Tier

  • Minimum Stake Required: 150,000 NFE
  • Weight: 15

For the elite investors, the Platinum Tier offers the pinnacle of staking rewards. With a minimum stake of 150,000 NFE, this tier provides an extraordinary weight of 15. Platinum members enjoy the highest possible returns, reflecting their significant commitment and investment in the Vision Launch ecosystem.

Why Weight Matters

The weight assigned to each tier determines the share of the staking rewards that participants receive. A higher weight means a larger portion of the rewards pool, translating to greater earnings for the staker. This system ensures that all participants, regardless of their tier, are rewarded proportionally to their investment.

Limited Time Offer: 70% APR

To celebrate the launch of Vision V1, we are offering an incredible 70% APR on our staking pool. This rate is available for a limited time, providing an unmatched opportunity for all tiers to maximize their earnings. We encourage all our users to take advantage of this offer and secure their stake in the future of Vision Launch.


Vision Launch V1 is set to transform the staking landscape with its innovative tier system and generous rewards. Whether you’re just starting with the Bronze Tier or aiming for the highest rewards in the Platinum Tier, there’s a place for everyone in our community. Join us today and experience the future of staking.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities as we continue to grow and evolve. Together, we can achieve great things!